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Battery Pack Designer and Manufacturer

Who We Are

New Energy Ltd is a professional battery pack designer and manufacturer with more than 20years of experience. We serve the industry in Europe and in the USA making innovative products with enthusiasm and passion.
Our core experience is based on years of operations handling Li-Ion battery packs, the core of today mobile energy, but we also design and manufacture chargers and battery operated power systems and inverters for professional usage in the field.

20+ years of excellence

What we do

3D Design

Our engineering team supports the OEM customers with the complete design of the battery pack and its parts with the support of 3D models. We also design the external housing and source the tooling for the plastic injection

Cell selection

We guide the OEM customer in the selection of the most appropriate battery cell model based on the application needs. We focus mainly on Li-Ion based cell technology, including LiFePO4 and LTO solutions.

Battery Management System

Modern battery packs needs control and management and the BMS is the central element. We offer a variety of solutions based on the application requirements


We offer a manufacturing infrastructure dedicated to battery packs assembly supported by skilled operators, technicians and engineers


We do full product testing with computerized systems designed around each battery pack specification


We process each battery pack on dedicated learning machines to measure the individual capacity of each battery pack that we do and initialize the BMS functions. All battery data and parameters are logged and stored

Our Services

Years of experience in design and manufacturing in the industrial sector, combining technology and creativity with passion

Designing products so they can be realized and assembled smoothly before they even reaches the manufacturing phase
Advanced manufacturing knowledge and innovations through development
Supply-chain management dedicated to OEM customer
From the drawing board to a functional prototype with the assistance of our process engineering team
We believe that the optimisation of manufacturing operations can single-handedly help a company achieve its goals in the long run
The knowledge and experience applied including the decision making process in words and figures
With the experience of a certified company, we support to achieve the various battery product certifications required nowadays
Our logistics manage how products are acquired, stored and transported to the final destination in continental Europe and worldwide
Battery packs made every year
Cells assembled every year
Different products
Country served

Trusted by the industry


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Factory BLB 022B, Bulebel Inudstrial Estate, Zejtun ZTN3000, Malta
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